Monday, September 2, 2013

Jun 23, 2013 Week 21 Strange Ritual

Sorry about this one guys! I had to send an email to the mission president and we're leaving early to go play soccer with some of the other missionaries in the city so we're getting out of here pretty quick.  Just for the sake of a quick story, we were on our way to teach someone with Chan Li and Sau Li  and we turned down an alley way/street thing where I saw one of the weirdest things I've seen since coming here.

Some sort of holy man (not a monk, or at least not a Buddhist monk) was standing behind a young man who was sitting cross legged on the ground and appeared to be praying. The monk was talking to himself, dressed in very scanty, old looking clothing, holding 3 clay pots, some feathers and a big scepter thing that was smoking a little bit. The boy wasn't wearing a shirt and was covered in feathers. We stopped, unsure of what to do, and as we watched the old man shouted, smashed one of the pots on the ground and then went back to talking to himself. The boy didn't even flinch. We watched for another 20 seconds or so, the priest guy smashed another pot and we decided to go down another road. Even Chan Li and Sau Li thought it was weird.

A couple of side notes. Several people asked me about spelling (e.g. where are you? Can you spell that?). Well, when you try to change the sounds they make in an Asian language into English letters it isn't ever the same.

Also, Cambodian children don't know what Disney is. I know, I almost cried. Love you!
Investigator kids who saw the camera and wanted a picture

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