Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 26, 2014 I Love Lines! And Policemen! And Stoplights!

There are a lot of things that are different between life here in Cambodia and life back in America. People look different, speak different languages and have different beliefs. But most of all... the roads are a mess. I vaguely remember the ride back from the airport on my first day in the country. I wasn't afraid for my life, we were in a van, I was afraid we'd kill someone else. Then, two days later, I was the one dodging trucks and vans while riding my bike to and from appointments. The roads here are clogged with motorcycles, motor carriages, bikes, wheelchairs, pedestrians, pets, cows, trash, potholes and cars and trucks that drive like no one else is even on the road. There are no speed limits, the few stop lights and traffic lines are universally ignored and I don't actually know if the policemen aren't doing their jobs or if enforcing traffic laws (if they even exist) is even a part of their job description. My companion's musings on the subject led me to exclaim (I was literally shouting as we headed down the road), "I love lines! They are so awesome! All the colors and the solid lines and the dotted lines and they're just amazing!" I guess as missionaries we don't have a whole lot of opportunities to get really excited and shout about stuff so we've got to take them when they come right?

Speaking of exciting things, President Moon just called me to go back to the city and be a district leader in Tuk La'ak! I actually was pretty sure I was going there. My new companion will be Elder Duffy, who is a choir nerd. I'm sure we'll get along great. Just as exciting, I'll be able to go on exchanges in my birth area! Whoo!!!

I bought a Rolex at Psaa Tmay for $9 six months ago. It rusts a little but really is a pretty high quality watch. It's waterproof too. They told me I was getting a deal and I readily agreed. Wasn't until last week that I saw that the watch face says that the watch is offictially certified (ironic that one of the options on spell check is fictionally). I might have bought a fake Rolex that wasn't actually made in Switzerland... 

Also, I was playing with Soke the monkey and he stole my name tag and then bit it. When I tried to get it back he acted like a dog when you give him a bone, claimed it as his trophy and would not give it back, so I had to take it forcefully. And he bit me again. So now my name tag has two little notches in the bottom left. Battle scars. 

I was finishing my personal scripture study this morning when I started thinking about what it means to be a Christian. I decided that being a Christian was really simple. A Christian is someone who believes in Christ, someone who believes that Christ is their savior. Being a Christian however, is different than being Christian. Did you get that there? 

The word Christian can also be used as an adjective. A Christian act is a Christ-like act, an act that we would expect Christ, the only perfect man to have done. Sometimes in the news we read about "Christian acts of kindness''. We talk about people who not only talk the talk of Christianity but also act according to their beliefs. They act the way that they believe Christ would have.  We respect and admire such people. We want to be more like them, and more like Christ.

Christ wants us to be like Him. He wants us to do the things he would do. He wants us ''loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free... to deal thy bread to the hungry, ...bring the poor that are cast out to thy house [and clothe the naked]" (Isaiah 58:6-7). He wants us to serve others (Matthew 25:40) and love God and our neighbor (Mark 12:29-31). 

Though it is easy to define a Christian as someone who believes in Christ, the true definition is much deeper. A Christian is someone who believes in Christ and is Christian, someone who believes in Christ with their mouths and their hands as well. 

Love,  Elder Vore

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