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Mar 8, 2014 Odessan Experiences life in Cambodia

Odessa American

Odessan experiences life in Cambodia                  
Local church member takes mission trip overseas  

Few get the chance to experience what life is like in other countries and for one missionary from Odessa, it has become a dream come true. Adam Vore, 20, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Odessa, Texas started the process of preparing for the trip last year and is now living the experience he dreamed of. According to Adams father, Chris Vore, the process is quite extensive and includes health examinations, a lot of paperwork and interviews. After the process is completed the leaders within the church decide where help is needed and missionaries are sent out.

Even though Adam would soon be traveling across the globe his mother, Angelique Vore, knew it was a dream come true for her son as said a mission trip has been something he has wanted to take part in from a very young age.

“When we first found out that he was going to Cambodia it was really exciting,” Angelique Vore said. “Of course there was some nervousness but I would say we were more excited because Adam has always had plans to go on a mission trip even when he was little.

Adam said he was called to serve others and that he was inspired to become a missionary because of the scripture he has studied throughout his life.  “The decision to help others is based on the scriptures, Christ taught "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" (Mark 12:31) and we show that love by serving our fellow men,” Adam Vore said. “I believe it's clear that Christ wants us to spread the good word, and he certainly wants us to help others. Every missionary receives a personal call to serve, I was called to Cambodia. “

The mission trip for Adam began in January 2013 to Cambodia with the goal of teaching the local communities about the word of God and assisting the community in any way he could. However the experience has also taken some time to get used to and few things are similar to the United States.
“It's all different you know? It's like a whole different world,” Adam said about his experience so far. “Culture, food, language, ethnicity, clothing, religion, even things like transportation and sleeping schedules are different. “Basically everything (is different) except Coke, that's like the only constant.”

During his travels Adam has taken on a lot of different responsibilities, however, his main goal has remained consistent. “I really just want to help people; there is nothing more satisfying than really helping other people,” he said.

Chris Vore said his son Adam has been incredibly busy since he arrived in Cambodia with various projects including assisting the restoration of the Killing Fields Monument in Phnom Penh, building homes for the local communities and he has also been helping the people in their rice harvest, all while attempting to reach them through the word of God.

Despite being busy Chris Vore said he is confident the experience will be life changing for his son as he would know from personal experience and it will make Adam better in many facets of his life.

“I actually took a mission trip to France when I was younger and there is not one other experience in my life that has helped me grow as much as that did,” Chris Vore said. “It made me better at a lot of things when I returned and I am confident that Adam will come back and be a better student, a better member of the community and a better at so many things because of the growth he will experience during his time in Cambodia.”

In his journey, Adam has also had the experience of teaching things that some in the United States know very well however; his students have never heard before, being the Old Testament.

“He mentioned the other day that the course of study in Sunday school is the Old Testament,” Chris Vore said about the recent letters and messages he has received. “He said that about three fourths of the congregation didn’t even know what that was.”

Adam is expected to return from his mission trip in January of 2015 and has said that he is excited to return to school, see his family, and begin the next stage of his life.

One way Adam's family and friends have been able to keep up with him is through the use of a blog in which his mother Angelique, takes his letters and posts them for everyone to remain connected with her son along his journey through Cambodia.

“It is really a wonderful feeling to know he is over there helping others,” Angelique Vore said. “With the blog it give us a chance to see things through his eyes.”

If you would like to keep up with Adam and hear about his experience in Cambodia visit his blog at

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