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Jun 29,2014 Mansions and Marshmallows

You know, I've spent a good deal of time in these emails telling you guys about all the crazy things we've eaten here. Everything from bugs to leaves to dogs. You guys remember all those stories right? I bet y'all have been thinking that we are eating all that stuff every day for lunch and stuff huh? Well, you would be incorrect! :D Elder Quirante isn't the biggest fan of foods that are new or questionable (not that he won't eat it, just that it won't be the whole meal) and he would be the first to tell you that he is not a big veggie eater. So what do we eat? Well, because we're in the middle of the city and there's a super market (of sorts) just right down the street, we eat peanut butter and jelly, and lots of bread and toast and eggs and normal college student food. We're going through about 50 eggs a week right now. Lots of times I'll just drop 3 or 4 in a bowl and season it and then fry it and serve it with rice. Or just fry them and eat egg sandwiches. One thing that we did this week that was fun was we made roast in a slow cooker. Super easy and way good. Just drop a kilo of meat and some veggies and season it with everything we have in the kitchen and boom- roast. Served with rice of course. We did it twice actually. Although, our roasts aren't coming out quite like Mom's did... What all do you put in that Mom? Help?

We had a baptism yesterday! We've been going to Ming Ly's house regularly for about six months now because she and her family are recent converts in our ward. Ming Ly runs a sewing shop out of her home and whenever we go to her house they pretty much drop everything and take out their scriptures. Eventually, as we met with her and her family, some of her employees would come and sit down with us and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 Banha was one of them and she is so cool! She learned with us for a really long time before deciding that she wanted to get baptized because she wanted to make sure that when she decided to join the church she wouldn't change her mind and stop coming and "quit". Once she started coming to church the sisters started teaching her and after a few weeks she got baptized! When Banha got interviewed to get baptized she told the story of why she decided to start coming to church and really join and follow Christ. She was feeling sick that week and couldn't get to work. While laying on her bed having painful stomach cramps she remembered what we had taught about prayer and that if she needed to ask Heavenly Father for help, she just needed to pray. She got out of bed, knelt down, prayed, and then fell asleep on the ground. Upon waking up, her stomach no longer hurt and she felt hungry and awake! She felt that that was a clear answer to her prayer and that if God would answer her prayers then she should follow him. Cool huh? Little miracles are the best.

We went to visit Banha and Ming Ly last week to share a fun message with them right before Banha's baptism on Friday. Ming Ly's youngest daughter's name is Oh Mee and she is 3 years old. We gave her a piece of candy and told her that she could eat it right now or if she waited for 15 minutes we would give her another one and she could eat two. Her mom thought it was really funny and explained it to her two more times before we said an opening prayer for our lesson. As soon as we said "amen" we looked at Oh Mee and she had already eaten it! It was so funny! Then we watched this super fun video:

God has given us the great gift of this life and has given us the agency to live it however we want to. He has also promised that if we keep His commandments He will prepare mansions for us in Heaven (John 14:2). If we "keep [His] commandments and endure to the end [we] shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God." So be patient and endure and then you can eat whole bags of marshmallows! Love y'all.   Elder Vore

Baku members at the 20th Year Anniversary Celebration! So much fun to go and see them! If you read my story in my email from January 5th, Sovanna is the guy in the blue striped tie (the Khmer guy, the big white one would be me)


Elder Kim in the middle was the first person I ever taught here in Cambodia. If y'all remember a few months ago I shared a story about a young man who really wanted to go out and teach the gospel and serve a mission? Now he's serving in Stung Mien Chey! Super fun to run into him.

Waving Khmer flags while they dance in the foreground and Vietnam Flower Dance

Vanny and Elder Quirante enjoying durian

Vanny and I at the Independence Monument after the celebration
Elder Vore and Vanny

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