Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 1, 2014 A Raw Meat Treat

Khmers think foreigners are really attractive and are not shy about telling you. The other day we had a particularly outspoken woman who told us she wanted to learn about the gospel. We were trying to make a conversation with her that would lead to us setting an appointment to terach her and her family, but all she wanted to talk about was how attractive Elder Martinson and I were. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I tried to change the subject. She was trying to compare us to movie stars, models on advertisements and then finally a mannequin? Yeah, there was a mannequin right next to us and she said I look EXACTLY like the mannequin. Thanks?

Wow, I've gotta tell y'all about English Class. Every once in a while we have a special activity night where we prepare something fun that will be an opportunity for our students to apply their language skills in new ways and especially for them to get up in front of the whole group and present something in English. This last week we decided to repeat an activity that I did some 4 or 5 months ago while I was in Tuk La'ak and did a Clue-esque murder mystery night.

 Elder Yorgason introduced the characters (Doctor Martinson, Miss Lindley, Mayor Vore etc.) who walked up to the stage. I stayed at the back and when it was my turn to be introduced Elder Yorgason he pointed to me and I waved and said hi. Everyone turned around to look at me, I leaned against the light switch and Elder Christiansen, the murder victim, jumped off the stage. Everyone who was on the stage made some noise and knocked some stuff over and when the lights turned back on our victim was in a crumpled head on the ground. For the next 45 minutes or so our students went to stations to try and find clues. At my station I stood behind a music stand and gave a eulogy and led discussion about our poor departed sports hero. Because of some poor planning, my station was considerably shorter than everyone else's, so I had to make up a whole bunch of stuff on the spot. Got some great pictures! We staged a "press conference" right in front of the body, complete with pictures! :D

Dr. Martinson at the crime scene

Speaking of pictures, my memory card got a virus the other day. Ironically it was at a print shop (how can you run a print shop that gives it's customers viruses?) and it's looking like all of my pictures are done for. Fortunately I sent pretty much all of the good ones to y'all already. I'm not much of a picture taker...

We went to teach a new investigator with a member named Songha the other day. Songha is kind of amazing. He's pretty smart and a really motivated recent convert of about 5 months. He is extremely involved in the congregation and with the missionaries. He is currently serving as the Ward Clerk, EQP secretary and the 2nd counselr in the Stake Young Men's Presidency. He's only 6 months or so older than me. Pretty incredible. He will be on a mission the instant he is eligible. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, after our lesson we went to a restaurant where he ordered raw pork and eggs. When I heard him order I was thinking that it was the name of a particular dish or something but 5 minutes later, they came out carrying raw pork cut into slices and a couple of chicken eggs. He took a small bowl, dropped the meat in with some salt, squeezed a lime over it and then cracked an egg into the bowl. I asked him almost sarcastically what he was planning to do with it. In response he took a spoon and started eating it. That was pretty new for me. The lady who owns the restaurant was pretty incredulous too. She asked what country he was from. It was kind of nice to get that question asked to someone else for a change.

Very artistic take on this man's true story of how he found God in his life. Watch it!!
God is there. Those who look for Him will find Him. He loves you. He will guide you.
-Elder Vore
Mayor Vore and Policewoman Melton shaking hands in front of the "body"

                      Me pounding the "pulpit" while giving my speech as Mayor of Englishville


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