Friday, November 21, 2014

Nov 16, 2014 To Batdombong We Go!

So, you guys know how I had a kind of crazy week last week going to a new area and all? Well, we're doing it again! I'm only going to be in Sen Sok for 2 weeks and then I will be moving to Batdombong! I was pretty shocked when I got that call. Sen Sok is a small, struggling branch a few kilos north of the city and I was actually pretty excited to have an opportunity to work here. I had an experience on my second day in Sen Sok that I feel like pretty much describes Sen Sok.

 We were in a tiny alleyway outside the small tin shack of the member we were waiting for. A man finished his beer and threw the can off to the side, disrupting the kids who were playing naked in the street. The 5 or 6 women who were playing cards didn't even blink. One man was collecting cans to sell to recyclers. He picked up the can, turned it over his head and drained the last few drops before tossing it in his bag. A lot of people here spend most of their time drinking,smoking and gambling while occasionally going around scrounging for a living. I'm super grateful for the church that helps us understand what we really need to be doing in our lives. I am excited to go to Batdombong too though. It will be my first real experience of being out of Phnom Penh.

Yesterday I got to play the piano when our pianist's child suddenly had a problem. Closing song was 'Now Let Us Rejoice' on page 32 in the Khmer hymnal. I started playing the intro and then looked at the last bit of the intro on the other page. What I was seeing didn't seem to make sense. I was suddenly playing a different song. I stopped playing and everyone looked at me. I examined the hymnal that I was playing from and realized that the middle sheet (pgs 33-36) in the hymnal had been ripped out, which meant that I was now playing the hymn on page 37. Little awkward as I stood up and looked for a hymnal that didn't have sheets missing. Then I played the hymn. Badly. I wish I had actually learned how to sight read before my mission.

My companion is a little antsy so I've gotta get going by I want to tell a quick story about a woman named Heang. She got in the habit of paying her tithing at the beginning of the month before she received her salary. Last month she was hoping for a raise so she paid more in tithing. Now, I don't know if this always works but she got the raise and it was even more than what she had hoped for. She promptly paid an offering of 10% on the raise she got. Isn't it cool what can happen when we act in faith? Sorry this email is short, Love you guys!! :D
-Elder Vore

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