Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jan 20, 2013 Family Farewell

Adam came home for about a month and a half between finishing his first semester at BYU and leaving for his mission.  It was filled with lots of activities and things to do before leaving.  He worked as much as possible, went out with the missionaries, had temple and mission prep classes, and made time for family and friends.
We had a goodbye family dinner with Cambodian cuisine a few days before leaving for the MTC. 
Pappa Fanning wrote a special poem for the occasion.
  • My life is just about to change.
  • It's time for me to go
  • To serve the children of my God.
  • I'm ready, This I Know.
  • The Helmet of salvation is
  • Now resting on my head.
  • The shield of faith is on my arm,
  • And by His work I'm led.
  • My feet are shod with gospel peace.
  • His Truth is 'round me twined.
  • His sword I hold here in my hand,
  • All fear I leave behind.
  • God's armor will protect me as
  • I stand against the foe.
  • The adversary's fiery darts
  • Will never lay me low.
  • I'll Triumph over wickedness, 
  • And Satan's evil way
  • Christ's gospel light will from me shine,
  • To brighten every day.
  • When my enlistment days are o'er,
  • I'll come back here to you,
  • And God's great blessings we will see
  • In everything we do.
  • Hal Fanning

Our home was full of love with cousins, grandparents, and other extended family wishing Adam farewell.

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