Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 26, 2013 District Leader in the MTC--Wk 4

The letter might be a little short today because my time is pretty limited. I spent a good deal of my email time today sending you guys those pictures and it looks like it worked so that's good I suppose.

 I tried to look at the stuff Mom sent me but for some reason I could only see a rather strange video of Joseph and Benjamin talking about pi and the pythagorean theorem. I'm not sure what that was all about but it was funny. My companion appreciated it too.

 We're finishing our fourth week here at the MTC, and I really do like it here. One unfortunate thing: We had to move another bunk bed into our room this week. I guess it's six to a room now! We are continuing to learn a great deal about the language (7 hours of language study per day will do that for you) and about how to express what we know to be true in words and ideas that the people of Cambodia will understand.

 One of my many favorite parts of the week is the time we have to role play with our teacher and teach about the gospel of Christ in Khmae. It's so awesome to be able to say what we want to say and teach and understand what he says when we ask him questions. I know in my head that I'll be completely unprepared language wise once I hit the field no matter how much I learn here in the MTC, but it's hard not to look back and think about the progress that we have made in the past several weeks.

 In other news, I was called to be a district leader on Sunday. Here in the MTC district leaders do a lot less than they would out in the field. What seems to be my most important job right now, or at least the one everyone appreciates me for, is that I am the one responsible for getting the mail every day. The MTC is a great testimony builder. Everyone here is so focused on what they want to accomplish that it is just inspiring. I have gained a deeper knowledge of simple truths and my testimony, particularly that of Christ's atoning sacrifice, has grown immensely. Thanks for writing me so often. I really don't think y'all understand how great it is to get mail when we're so cut off from everything else in the world. I'm sorry if I don't always write back, my time is extremely limited here in the MTC, but I'm trying! Love y'all! 

This painting of a Cambodian Temple called Ankor Thom hangs in our room.

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  1. Adam and Chris do look a lot alike! It is amazing when it is just the three of you how noticable that is!