Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jun 9, 2013 I'm in Cambodia--It's kind of Weird

Hello everybody! Not a day goes by without me having some new thing happen to me or having another awesome spiritual experience with those that are working to come unto Christ! We have continued to teach Sao Li and I really just think he's pretty much the greatest guy ever. We talked to him about helping those around him have the opportunity to learn about Christ and he jumped on that and asked if he could become a missionary or at least come out with us to our appointments. We left from that lesson with him in tow and went to our next 6 and a half hours of teaching appointments where he bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel to pretty much everybody we talked to.

When Sao Li isn't with us, Chan Li is with us almost all the time. Chan Li is a 13 year old girl who was baptized in January, has a strong testimony in the power of Christ's message and probably spends more time with the missionaries than she does at school. Between those two, we never have to look very far for someone who can help us teach and testify of Christ. It's hard for us to relate with some of our investigators because we speak with accents, are white and are from America but hey, when you have Chan Li and Sao Li around, you don't have to take it from us!

Power outages in Cambodia are really common. Probably at least once a week the power shuts off, usually for an hour or so but sometimes for several hours, so when our power shut off yesterday around 6:30 in the morning, it was just business as usual. We went to church, and to our appointments but when we came back at 8 last night the power was still off. Even the nicest of houses don't have central air conditioning but usually there are one or two rooms that are air conditioned. In our house, only our bedroom has AC, so when the power goes out the room heats up really quick, because everything else is already warm.

 In any case, we didn't even consider sleeping in our beds because of how hot it was. Instead, the four of us, in our house, took our pillows to what is basically just a big open room in our house, sprayed ourselves with bug spray, opened the door and slept on the tile. I expected it to be really hard to fall asleep but it wasn't too bad at all. It reminded me of a camp out. Today we were supposed to go and buy our food for the rest of the week but since our fridge is out of power and all our food is just rotting in there, it seemed kind of pointless. Instead, we all sat on the floor and had a study session that was just a little longer than usual. It's different for sure but really not too bad. Hopefully our power will be on by tonight and we won't have to sleep on the floor again!

I really like Isaiah chapter 53. It's probably my very favorite chapter in the Old Testament. In this chapter, Isaiah is prophesying about the Atonement of Christ and what he is going to to for us. In verse three it mentions that "we esteemed Him not" and I thought that was really deep. It made me think about what esteeming Christ means. Since really starting to think about this I have been trying to ask myself daily, "Am I doing my best to live my life in a way that esteems Christ?" I hope you guys read this chapter and think to yourselves about what that means. When we accept baptism we promise to always remember Christ, to take His name upon us and to keep His commandments, and for me, that is showing esteem for the sacrifice he gave. When we live our lives in such a way that everything we do is done with His sacrifice in mind, then we are esteeming Him. Then His sacrifice has full meaning in our lives. Love you guys!
P.S. សួស្ដី!​​ I kind of figured out how to write in Khmer on this keyboard, Hope y'all can see it! ខ្ញុំស្រឡាញអ្នក់ទាំងអស់គ្នា!ស្រូកខ្មែរសាប្បាយ!

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