Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 12, 2013 Mother's Day Call Week 15

We don't have a letter from Elder Vore this week because we got to facetime him for Mother's Day.  It was a little tricky because we were on a cruise celebrating our anniversary.  We set things up and got up at 5 am to receive his call and talked for an hour.  Mom was very happy to hear his voice and see his face.  He seems very happy and has a good attitude about everything.  Yea!

                                                   Happy Mother's Day from Cambodia!

We had FHE with the Branch President about a month ago and we brought a fruit called durrian. Look it up on google or something, it's really big and spikey and stuff. It tastes like super overripe, rotten cantaloupe mixed with artificial mango flavoring and has such a powerful sweet odor that many places have signs forbidding it. Ex. No guns, no bombs and NO DURRIAN

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