Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 24, 2013 What's a Khchiew???

Well it's a bat. A word I relearned this week (we learn lots of words that are never used and promptly forgotten) after I tried to explain to our landlord the animal that was flying around our living room. He (how do you check sex for bats anyway?) lives in an abandoned, locked up room on the floor above us but comes down to hang out (see what I did there? Who doesn't love puns?) every other day or so. I'm not even totally sure I want him gone. Bats eat bugs right? Maybe we can train him to eat all the mosquitoes that are living in our house. Our main source of water right now is a large tub of rainwater in the bathroom. Unfortunately, all it does is sit there and mosquitoes just love sitting water. It got even worse when our room randomly flooded between the hours of 5:30 and 7 in the morning and we had to move our bags and break out the towels and mops. I would spray the water with poison but we use that water to shower and stuff and I'm not sure which is worse. Honestly, our living conditions are fine. We having drinking water and stuff to cook and even air conditioning! It does make for funny emails home.

Also, I have essentially no time to write this email today but guess what? I met someone this week who had no idea who Jesus Christ was. Like, I know we're in the middle of nowhere, in a country where 97% of everybody is Buddhist but seriously, I was shocked. We bought a water bottle from him and I was explaining that we were missionaries who preach about Jesus Christ. I explained a little more about our message and then asked him if he had any questions. He said he he liked our ideas about how families were important but was really confused about who this Jesus Christ person was. It was a very interesting conversation. Ironically, we were actually in a different province called Kompung Speu that has a reputation around here for being somewhat undeveloped. I suppose all the provinces are relatively undeveloped. Beats me.
I really wish I had more time but I want to attach this video from lds.org:
Remember, we are children of God! He wants us to become like him and has given us this life to prepare for that eventuality. Take advantage of your privileges as a son or daughter of God and go to work! Love y'all,  -Elder Vore

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