Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

December 25, 2013
Merry Christmas everyone.  This is Adam's mom.  We did not receive an email from Adam this week because we got to skpe him instead.  We gathered with extended family members on Christmas night and visited  with Elder Vore for about an hour.  He was online in an internet café in Baku, Cambodia with a time difference of 13 hours later.  Grandpa Vore set up the projector and put his image on the big screen, while his brother Joseph added external speakers to the computer so everyone could hear and see him.  It was so wonderful to see and hear our missionary.  He looks happy, healthy, and excited to be a missionary.  I took a few notes from our conversation and will give a short summary of the questions and answers.

Elder Vore said that he loves serving in Baku and will be there for 6 more weeks at least. There are currently no organized stakes in the country of Cambodia, but the mission goal is 2 stakes (maybe this year, but not sure).  The people work very hard in factories all day and then leave the factory to go work in their rice fields.

When asked what he missed most about home he replied "I miss sitting down and relaxing for a while and I miss my family."

What is the best thing about your mission?  "The best is when people change, come to church for the first time,  understand why they are there, and they are happy."

How have you changed? "My knowledge of the scriptures has increased and my testimony has been strengthened."

Do you think in Khmer (Cambodian language)?  "No, I think in English, but sometimes dream in Khmer."

What are some of your needs or wants?  "Hot water!"  Elder Vore does not have any hot water where he is living.  He takes a shower by dumping buckets of cold water on his head.  His little sister asked him if he liked taking a shower like that and he said, "it isn't very fun."

We sent him a package with Christmas presents and found out that the yummy Christmas popcorn goes stale pretty fast.  He also said that he doesn't need any chapstick.  He uses it about as much as he uses mittens.

When asked about mosquitos, he said they are everywhere with lots of standing water.  He usually has between 40-100 mosquito bites at any time.

How do you feel about your mission president?  "He is an awesome spiritual leader who you can talk to about anything.  His wife is the same."

How much does it cost to use the internet café?  "50 cents per hour"

"Missions are fun all the time, but they are exhausting!"

                                                  Chatting with Adam on Christmas Day

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