Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feb 23, 2014 "Dude, I'm a Mango."

Wow, so much happened this week and I have so little time to get it all to you so me and my companion are going to have a race. Ready, let's go.

Mango season is in full session. I love mangoes. I don't think I even liked mangoes when I left the United States. I guess it's just one of those things that you just have to eat about 10 times to realize that you can't live without it. Elder Duffy and I are buying 3 kilos of mangoes a week. With 1 kilo priced at approximately 75 cents it's not really a strain on our budget. Plus, members just give us mangoes all the time. Elder Duffy is planning on carrying floss around soon because we eat mangoes and then we get the fibers stuck in our teeth. Email title explanation. Elder Duffy and I were chopping up mangoes and he held one out to me with the little dimple/stem facing at me and said, "Dude, I'm a mango." And he did a little dance. What a guy.

Speaking of things other Elders have said... We have Vietnamese speaking Elders living in my house with me. Frankly, there aren't too many Vietnamese speaking natives out here. At least not too many that speak Vietnamese before Khmer. In any case, the Viet Elders are amazing. In addition to learning Vietnamese, they learn Khmer so they can go find Vietnamese people. I'm always amazed at how much they know. Anyway, Elder Barker of Payson, Utah summed it up like this. "a Vietnamese speaking Elder in Cambodia is much like a Chinese man who learns Spanish, goes to Texas and wanders around trying to convert the Mexicans to Buddhism."

Old Spice deodorant? It's amazing. Also super expensive in Cambodia. Last Thursday we spent nearly a full hour of language study translating the stuff on the back of this random stick of deodorant. It read 'Contains odor-fighting "atomic robots" that "shoot lasers" at your "stench monsters" and replaces them with fresh, clean, masculine "scent elves" '. I really bonded with my dictionary.

Spiritual thought comes from something that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said. I'm gonna have to summarize it because I couldn't find the quote. He said that life was the only sporting event he knew of where the final outcome was completely certain and yet the players couldn't decide whose team they were playing for yet. Did that make any sense at all? Satan is going to lose. Like a chess match that has already been decided, Heavenly Father's forces need only to carry out the final, fatal moves and then it will be over. Even though all of us know this already, many have not decided whose team they're playing for. I've got an idea. Be a winner. Wear Christ's jersey. Love y'all,  Elder Vore

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