Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 9, 2014 You Put the Lime in the Coconut and You Shake it All Up!

I'm actually not familiar with this song at all. I have vague Elementary School memories of singing it but nothing concrete, anyway... Coconuts are super available around here. Khmers are more interested in the milk than the meat (silly foreigners) and serving guests with coconuts is a fairly common occurrence especially in the provinces. Also, you can buy them anywhere. People drag carts around and sell coconuts for 2500 riel which is about 60 cents, or they are sold at markets and pretty much anywhere.

The other day just as we were finishing our studies and getting ready to go out and teach, we heard the Vietnamese Elders (they teach in Vietnamese instead of Khmer) singing downstairs. When we came downstairs they had coconuts for us. They also happened to have limes on hand and they literally ''put the lime in the coconut and shook it all up. Pretty good actually. I liked it better than normal coconut milk.

Our new area is going pretty well. We have some days that are extremely busy mixed in with the regularly scheduled days. For example. Last Saturday we taught people at 10, 10:45, 12, 1:15, 2 and 3 before one of our lessons fell through and we had a chance to eat lunch (dinner?) around 4. Tuk La'ak is pretty much right in the middle of the city and we have a whole bunch of colleges around here which means people who want to learn English and are generally curious about Christianity.
Had a funny conversation with the husband of a member the other night. He told me that he wanted to learn more about Christ simply for the sake of learning. I suggested that just having knowledge didn't do you a whole lot of good unless you acted on it. He disagreed and we talked about learning and college and stuff for a few minutes before I posed the following examples to him.

-Imagine that you ordered your favorite food from a restaurant and they brought it out in front of you. You could smell that it was delicious but you didn't actually eat it. In that way you got some benefit out of it but it wasn't really what you could have had.

-Imagine if everyone in Cambodia took a driver's education course and knew all the traffic rules here but didn't apply them. We're all a little better educated but the roads are still a mess.
In this way if we simply learn about Christ and His gospel but don't apply what we learn, we just don't get the full benefit. In the words of President Thomas S. Monson ''It’s in the doing, not just the thinking, that we accomplish our goals.''

 I feel like I talk about this a lot in my emails. It's so common! Apathy kills! That's all I've got.
Love y'all!    Elder Vore

                Pictures-recent converts and investigators from Baku. I love these people!!

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