Friday, May 30, 2014

May 25, 2014 All over the Place

Hello everybody! I don't have much time for my email this week so hopefully it's not too all over the place!
You know how we have phone plans in America? We don't have that here. I guess there might be companies who do it but mostly people, whether they have trackphones or iPhones, buy little cards that kind of remind me of iTunes gift cards. You buy it, punch in the code and then your phone has $5. As missionaries we get a stipend on our phone, ($10 a month, or $20 if you hold a position where you have to make nightly call-ins to other missionaries) and if we go over we pay for it.  I'm not very good at staying on budget with our phone. Recently I have set aside food budget so I can spend it on the phone. I think they over pay us on food anyway... In any case, I feel like I'm always on the phone. When we get home, we call the people we didn't meet that day and reschedule. Then we call those we're meeting the next day. Later I make calls to missionaries and then wait to get a call so I can send questions and numbers up the line. Basically the only reason I even bring this up is because the other day I was finishing up my calls as Elder Quirante got out of the shower. Because Elder Quirante is still pretty new and can't understand things on the phone very well yet, once I get on the phone he gets other things done. He remarked, "I don't know even know how you ever get things done. Everything that I do gets done while you're on the phone!" I kind of feel like it was more like one of those you have to be there moments but I was feeling a little tired and giggly and laughed for like 5 minutes straight.

Probably most of you know what "Preach My Gospel" is. For anyone who isn't familiar with it, "Preach My Gospel" is a manual for missionary work. Basically it outlines the "How", "What" and "Why" of missionary work for us and anyone else who wants to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Last Friday, we met a new investigator at the church that we contacted through our English class. He was really excited about meeting us and very interested in learning more about Christianity in general. We usually have members in lessons with us to help friendship and teach new people. Two members came with us to this particular lesson: Mey and Mian, twins. As we got into the lesson I noticed that the twins had been studying "Preach My Gospel" and now had it out and were essentially following along with us as we taught a lesson that is outlined in chapter 3. I thought it was funny and asked one of them a question that I knew was near the chapter heading of that particular lesson. I then watched her reread the question in the book, mouthing the words as she went and look down where the question was answered in great detail. So she just read it.  Boy things are a lot easier when you can just teach out of the book.

Writing that made me think about the scriptures. Life is like a test, but it's an open book test. We have all the answers and they are contained in the scriptures. If we study and apply the teachings in God's holy scriptures we will be strengthened throughout all of life's trials. That's it for me! Love y'all
More funny faces with Vanny and Dara
Recent converts Darin, Ryna, and their family as Elder Duffy is leaving the area.
Do y'all remember my first baptism in Cambodia about a year ago? Well, I'm back now and the young man next to me is Sau Ly, who we baptized 1 year ago. He now is a Melchizedek Priesthood holder and a teacher in Elder's Quorum. Also, the girl in front is the one who asked, "What if we're already short?" at YMYW from the email last week.

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