Thursday, May 8, 2014

Apr 21, 2014 Mormon Monk

Transfer calls are in! I'm staying here and training a new Elder! Among the missionaries, new Elders are sometimes affectionately called, gkones, which is Khmer for child. Those that train are thus called fathers. And, because the area you train in is called your birth area, I am bongkaut gkone, or giving birth! I feel like this is all a little bit weirder when you say it in English.

More adventure stories from the CBR member records of Tuk La'ak. Went out to find a member named Ole based on a 5 year old address. We found the address without too much difficulty but Ole was long gone. No one at the house even recognized him. After trying the 4 homes closest to the address we got nothing but blank stares. Walking aimlessly back to our bikes we showed the picture to some guy who was walking by and he said, "Him? He just got married. Moved one street over like 3 years ago." It wasn't much, but given that, we went one street over and stopped. We didn't have any info at all so we just started biking really slowly down the street. I'm not sure what we were thinking exactly but suddenly I saw Ole's family name on one of the shops. It was a pretty decent lead even though the name is super common so we tried it out. No luck. We were starting to feel like we were wasting our time so we got ready to head out but showed a couple of other people the picture anyway. Miraculously we ran into his uncle who had an up to date phone number!

Rejuvenated, we called Ole and he was home and invited us over! His house is out of our area so after permission was granted we biked to an area called Stoeng Mean Chey. As we got closer I called to confirm the directions to his house but couldn't understand anything. Ole was shouting at someone and breathing hard and the background noise was incredible. Just then, who should happen to drive by on his motorcycle but the Stoeng Mean Chey branch president (Yes he really just happened to drive by right then, that actually happened).  He kind of knew where the place was and offered to show us the way. Maybe the craziest thing about the whole experience was when we showed up to their house. The house next door was in flames! Actually, it was pretty much just gone. We came just in time to watch them finish putting it out. The house burned completely to the ground after a telephone wire snapped and sparked. No serious injuries, but as we introduced Ole to the branch president (still can't believe that actually happened) he was bleeding, not wearing a shirt and carrying and smokey damp towel. Pretty intense stuff.

You know how sometimes people try and give us Khmer girls to take back to America and marry? Well, I finally figured out how to beat them off correctly. If you tell them that you have rules like a monk they understand immediately. I don't have time for women! I'm Elder Vore, a Mormon Monk!
Each of us has likely given a gift at some point in our life.  Most of us give gifts on birthdays or at Christmastime, and everyone wants to give that gift that the receiver will love right? When we give gifts, we love to see people use our gifts. It's just as good of a feeling to see others use your gift as it is to receive such a gift for yourself. How would you feel however, if you gave someone a gift and they just threw it out? Yesterday was Easter, the day that all Christendom celebrates the miracle of the Resurrection and the incredible gift that Christ gave to each and every one of us. What are we doing with that gift? Are we remembering His great sacrifice everyday or are we figuratively throwing it out with the trash? Are we actively working to be better people day to day or are we passive, partial recipients of the greatest gift of all time?

I hope each of us takes this time that is set aside to remember this incredible gift and really thinks about what we are doing to apply it in our life. Ask yourself, what have I done to remember the Atonement of Jesus Christ today? Have I loved? Have I prayed? Have I served God and my fellow man? Have I been thankful? As you think about this you can ask an even more important question; what will I do tomorrow? I promise that as you remember the Atonement and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in your everyday life, your life will be blessed. Love y'all,
Elder Vore

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