Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mar 19,2013 900 Missionaries for Choir Practice!

Hello all! I don't know how the weather in Texas is but it has been an absolutely amazing week, weather wise, here in Provo. We are teaching, and learning, and eating and sleeping and that's about it. A lot of times I wonder why I like it here exactly, but I do! It's awesome!

 Funny story here. During role play we asked our investigator if he had any questions about what he had read in the Book of Mormon since we had last met. He started speaking really quickly and pointing and using a lot of words that I didn't understand, but before too long we figured out that he was asking questions about the Tree of Life. We got into the symbolism and talked about what everything meant and then I asked him to read 1Nephi 8:24 which says something to the effect of, they took hold of the iron rod and followed it to the tree and partook of the fruit. Anyway, while he was reading it, I was looking in my dictionary for the words "rod" and "iron" but all I could find was iron. I began to explain that "iron" symbolized the word of God, or the commandments, and when we follow them, we can endure to the end and partake of eternal life, but no matter how many times I said it and different ways I worded it, he didn't understand me. Suddenly, he lost his composure and broke down laughing and so did the observer. Me and my companions, not really understanding what was going on (kind of typical in these settings right now), began to laugh as well. For about 10 or 15 seconds our lesson was completely derailed. After the lesson, I was told I had been using the verb "to iron" as in to iron clothes. Whoops. I'm kind of glad that happened here and not in Cambodia at least... 

 It is a great time to be in the MTC right now. We had just over 900 missionaries show up to choir practice yesterday. The choir seats hold 588, so it was pretty crowded. We are singing a special piece that was arranged specifically for our choir and our director is really bad at keeping secrets so we kind of already know that there's a pretty good chance that we'll be singing for a member of the Quorum of the Twelve tonight. So cool!

 In our district meeting yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with one of the district presidents here in the MTC. Do y'all know the feeling right after Elder Holland speaks and you get up and you're just pumped to choose the right and go out and do great things? Just like that. He told us that 42% of the missionaries here right now are sisters (Wow.) and that a new MTC is going to be announced for right here in Provo. A whole new, self contained campus. It's so awesome to be a part of this work, especially right now when there are so many people who are just getting the opportunity to serve.

 Tomorrow we're getting a new district of Kmaes, 12 of them, and we're all completely stoked. There are more Vietnamese speaking missionaries, Hmong and even 2 Lao speaking missionaries in addition to the new district of Thais who come in every month like clockwork. Nothing like this has ever happened in Southeast Asia! Our teachers are pretty much bursting out of their seats every time they mention how many new missionaries are coming in. It is so cool! Unfortunately we might never have enough Kmae speakers to have sacrament meeting here in our own language, but who knows right?

 Me and my companions are doing well, some minor coughing, but nothing so bad that any of us have felt the need to miss any class, or gym or go to the health clinic. Elder Fowler just keep giving us Emergen--C and we're just going with it. I love it here. It's absolutely the most amazingly spiritual place I've ever been in my whole life. Just one month left here, gotta enjoy it while I can! Love y'all.

Elder Khem's representation of our district

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