Friday, November 27, 2015

Feb 16, 2015 Ho Chi Menh City and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The following morning we boarded a plane for Vietnam and spent 2 days in the South and 2 days in the North--in Ha Long Bay.  We went to the Vietnam War Museum, took a Vespa motorbike tour around the big city, took a short 2 day cruise in the bay.  Vietnam is very green and beautiful! We were there during Chinese New Year so people were busy preparing for the holiday and buying lots of flowers!

Flower market
                                                     Temple of a Thousand Budhas

Vespa Tour

Post Office

Hotel Lobby in Ho Chi Menh City

Decorations for Chinese New Year--we were there during the festivities

Vietnam War museum

Rice fields

Ha Long Bay

Monkeys running around everywhere

Offerings to Budha

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