Friday, November 27, 2015

Feb 23-27th 2015 Bankok, Thailand and then heading home.

Evening Riverboat Cruise in Bankok 

Budhist monks are easy to identify--barefoot in their orange robes.

This is a floating market in Thailand.  You just stay in your boat as you shop along the river.

Riding elephants in the river in Thailand was an experience never to be forgotten.  The elephants sprayed us with their trunks and successfully bucked us off their backs and into the water.  We tried to hang on tight to their ears to stay on, but it was no use, even for Adam.

After almost 2 weeks of travel and visiting, we flew back home.  We did encounter some icy weather in Dallas and our flights were cancelled and delayed all day long.  Instead of arriving at 8:20 in the morning, we got in about 8:30 in the evening on Feb 27th.  We did have some family members at the airport to greet a very tired and happy returned missionary.

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