Friday, November 27, 2015

Feb 21, 2015 Zipline in the Cambodian jungle of Angkor

More pictures from Siem Riep

Soup served in a coconut

Our driver, SauPawn took us to see his house when we were close by visiting the ruins. When he and his wife first joined the church, they were kicked out of his wife's family's house and forced to move into the chicken coup in the backyard.

After some time, SauPawn built this home that was completely made out of scrap tin, given to him by a friend.  His most prized area of the home was his outhouse bathroom that he received through the help of church funds.
It is very common to see a whole family on a motorcycle--often with a baby and groceries, too! Many people do not own a car at all and there aren't any car seats either.

Another common site is a car or pickup loaded with local people.

An elephant ride in the park and a stray monkey running around.  

 We did a zip line adventure high in the tree tops of the jungle while enjoying an amazing view.

You can't even see the ground from where we are.  That is the top of a tall tree in the jungle.

The following day was Sunday and we took a 3 hour bus ride to Batambong to attend church meetings in the last area where Adam served.  We met his last companion and made a short visit to his missionary apartment to pick up his remaining luggage.  We were asked to speak in church again!
All of the members were so excited to see Adam and meet us.  Visiting the Cambodian saints was a highlight of our trip!  The bus ride to Batambong was very long, bumpy, and stopped every few minutes for hours.  We decided to take a taxi back to our hotel that evening.

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